Procedure Changes due to COVID-19

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Effective March 31, 2020

In order to minimize the COVID-19 risk for you and our team members, we are putting the following procedures into effect at all locations when picking up material or making a return.



Please call in your order ahead of time and provide an estimated time of arrival. When you arrive, please call your Negwer location to notify them of your arrival. A crew member will be notified and meet you to load your vehicle.



Our showrooms remain open to serve you, but we ask you to call your location before entering. If you do enter our location, please respect all social distancing practices.



Please call in your return ahead of your arrival. All paperwork will be ready in the yard. Call your Negwer location when you arrive and a crew member will meet you at your vehicle.


We thank you for your cooperation and respect of all social distancing practices.