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At Negwer Materials we offer a diverse inventory of construction materials including acoustical systems, door systems, exterior wall systems, fasteners and tools, interior wall systems and cold-formed steel truss systems.


Whether you are an owner, architect, contractor, subcontractor, home builder or end user, we are committed to delivering building material solutions that bring value to your entire team. 

Offering More Than Building Materials

At Negwer we go beyond the services of a traditional building supply company offering specialized architectural design/consulting and door system services. Our professionals partner with you up front in the planning and materials specifications process, saving you time and money.

Negwer Door Systems

Negwer Door Systems stocks a complete line of doors, frames, and hardware in our centrally-located 12,000 square-ft. fabrication facility. We are fully staffed to handle any commercial custom door order, and our NDS ReadyDoor service delivers time and cost-savings with pre-installed hardware. Learn more.

NMI Architectural Solutions

NMI Architectural Solutions helps manufacturers, architects and builders work together, providing a single source of information and a concentrated level of service. Allow our team of professionals to help save you time and money with cost-saving innovative architectural solutions. Learn more.

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